Psychology at Stockton

Psychology is the systematic study of the behavior and experience (such as thoughts, desires and emotions) of humans and other animals. It is a multidimensional discipline within which a variety of specialties have developed. Psychologists study the structure and function of the nervous system; basic processes such as sensation, perception and cognition; and complex phenomena such as personality dynamics, abnormal behaviors, and behaviors in social settings, the workplace and the environment. The program offers an array of courses reflecting the breadth of the field. Courses such as Physiological, Social, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology form the traditional core of the discipline as these processes affect behaviors in all settings. Other courses, such as Theories of Counseling, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Adult Development and Aging allow students to explore more specialized areas of interest. Both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in psychology. There is no minor offered in psychology.

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