PSYC 1100
Introduction to Psychology

A survey of the multidimensional aspects of psychology. Covers human growth and development, learning, cognitive and perceptual processes, physiology, emotion and motivation, personality, psychological tests, social psychology, and behavior disorders and therapy.

PSYC 2201

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100

The course will cover human development from puberty until the early 20s, the periods usually considered as adolescence and early maturity. Physical, emotional, social and intellectual development will be investigated.

PSYC 2211
Abnormal Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100

The analysis of abnormal behavior (mental illness). Discusses a number of perspectives of abnormal behavior (e.g., psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanistic) and reviews traditional psychiatric classifications (i.e., anxiety, psychoses, personality disorders). Treatment for psychological disorders is discussed.

PSYC 2212
Health Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100

Overview of the contributions of psychology to romotion of health, prevention and treatment of illness, effects of health and disease, and systems of health care via education, research, and practice.

PSYC 2215
Cognitive Pxychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100.

The course focuses on the mental proceses people use to acquirre, interpret, store and recall informaion. Considerations of research and theories related to thinking, problem solving, decision making, attention, memory languate, and cognitive development are included.

PSYC 2241
Statistical Methods

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100.

Quantitative Reasoning Intensive (Z1)
Elementary statistical methods for the behavioral sciences. Includes descriptive methods (frequency distributions and graphing) and inferential methods (hypothesis testing, correlation and regerssion, ans simple analysis of variance). Also analyzes nonparametric procedures. Discusses the application of statistics in psychological resarch. Recommended for sophmores.

PSYC 2301
Social Psychology

Prerequisties: PSYC 1100. Not open to students with credit for SOCY 2201.

A survey of social psychology covering a variety of theories, methods, and their application to contemporary problems. Includes attitude develelopment and change; interpersonal aand group processes such as attraction, aggression, altruism, and racism in our society and the influence of education on prejudice and reacism.

PSYC 2381 (Cross-listed as GERO 2381)
Adult Development and Aging

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100 or GERO 1100.

Focuses on consistency and change in the basic processes of adult development and aging (including sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, intelligence, and personality). Also brieflyconsiders themes such as widowhood and bereavement, secuqlity, psychopathology, and intervetion strategies.

PSYC 2401
Environmental Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYCH 1100.

The interplaybetween psychological aspects of humans (including behavior, emotion, cogntion and perception) and the natural and manufatured environments of humans.

PSYC 2501
Sports Psychology

This course represents an overview of exercise and sport psychology. Examines the psychological theories and resarch related to sport and exerciese behavior. Explores how psychological factors influence involvement and performance in sport. Addresses both the postive and negative consequences of exercise and sport on mental health.

PSYC 3242
Experimental Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 2241. Formerly PSYC 2242. Not open to students with credit for PSYC 2242.

Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines (Q2)
Students learn the methods employed by people who conduct psychological research. Observational, correlational, and experimental methods will be considered. Students will write APA Style reports of research conducted for class.

PSYC 3302

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100.

This course considers the major theories of personality, the development of personality, the measurement of personality, the kinds of personalites found in different groups of people and the impact of personality upon behavior in various settings.

PSYC 3304
Psychological Testing

Prerequisites: PSYC 2241.

The methods of conducting psychologigical evaluations. Explores the construction and application of psychological test including intelligennce test, projective test, such as the Rorschach and vocational interest tests.

PSYC 3322
Lifespan Development

Prerequisites: Two PSYC courses including PSYC 1100.

The study of human psychological and physiological development from conception to old age with emphasis on genetic, environmental and cultural influences.

PSYC 3323
Childhood and Adolescence: Developmental Science

Prerequisites: Two PSYC courses including PSYC 1100.

The study of human psychological and physiological development from conception through adolescence, with stress on teh basic principles of developmental change.

PSYC 3324
Learning: Theory and Research

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100.

This course introduces the student to scientific findings that have dramatically increased our understanding of the origins fo behavior. Topics include innate behavior patterns, classical conditioning, operant condtioning, social learning, and animal cognition. Various practical applications are discussed.

PSYC 3331
Physiological Psychology

Prerequisites: Two PSYC courses including PSYC 1100.

The central nervous system's structure and function and its relationship to behavior. Includes brain research, neural and endocrine funcitnign, sensory processes, and the neural bases of motivation, emotion and learning.

PSYC 3332

Prerequisites: Two PSYC courses including PSYC 1100.

The anatomy, physiology, and physics of sensory systems. Deals with the efects of attitude, expectation and maturation on perceptual response.

PSYC 3391
Educational Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100. Permission of Teacher Education program required.

Learning and teaching variable sin classroom interactions. Draw on psychological principles from the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. Examines practical application for classroom use. Forty hours of fieldwork required.

PSYC 3392
Thoeries of Counseling

Prerequisites: PSYC 2211 or PSYC 3302.

The philosophies, rationales, and techniques of the various approaches to counseling and psychotherapy are reviewed.

PSYC 3602
Psychology of Gender

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100 and two other PSYC courses. Permission of Instructor Required.

This seminar reviews the literature in areas of psychology concerning what is known about similarities and differences in behavior of females and males.

PSYC 3604
Psychology of Addictions

This course reviews various types of addiction, including drug, alcohol, gambling, eating, sex, and spending. Research will be covered examining them from biological, psychological, and relapse, as well as treatment and prevention.

PSYC 3613
Seminar in Abnormal Psychology

Prerequisites: Open only to junior and senior PSYC majors.

This course, in a seminar format, will take one topic in abnormal psychology and explore it in depth. We will conduct a literature search, coolect the articles, and write a review of the topic.

PSYC 3616
Aging and Mental Health (Cross-listed as GERO 3616.)

Prerequisites: GERO 1100 or PSYC 1100.

The course considers the multiple issues of age-related psychopathologies, diagnosis and assessment, as well as variou approaches to intervention. Course also discusses means to promote and maintain optimal mental health in the older years.

PSYC 3619
Psychology of Group Behavior

Prerequisites: Three PSYC courses. Open only to Juniors and Seniors.

An analysis of the behavior of people in groups including perceptions, interpersonal relations and influence, structure, leadership, coverage of theories, emperical research and group exercises.

PSYC 3620
Organizational Psychology: Seminar

Prerequisites: PSYC 2241. Open only to junior and senior PSYC majors.

Current research in the area of individual and group functioning in organizational settings. Topics include organization development, interpersonal communication, motivation, work groups and systems theory.

PSYC 3624
Advanced Topics in Learning

Prerequisites: PSYC 2215, PSYC 3324, or PSYC 3391.

Advanced topics in learning research, theory, and practice with a definite focus on cognitive perspectives. Approaches to learning in schools and colleges will be analyzed int he light of the current state of the learning research. Topics will include cognitive theories of learning, constructivism and learning, barriers to learning, experiential and collaborative learning, exceptional learners, classroom practice and learning theory.

PSYC 3641
Advanced Statistics

Prerequisites: PSYC 2241. Permission of Instructor Required.

Quantitative Reasoning Intensive (Q1)
Quantitative methods of data analysis including higher order analysis of vaiance, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis of variance, multiple regression and trend analysis. Utilizes packaged computer programs.

PSYC 3646
Forensic Behavior Analysis

Quantitative Reasoning Across Disciplines (Q2)
(Cross-listed as CRIM 3646. See description under criminal justice.)

PSYC 3660
Evolution and Behavior

This course includes weekly (or almost weekly) critical papers related to the assigned book and journal readings. The topics include, but are not limited to: explaining behavior in terms of physics and chemistry, adaptation, micro-vs. macro-evolution, effect of man's intervention on evolutionary processes, animal cognition.

PSYC 3661
Psychology: History and Systems

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100. One other PSYC course. Open only to Juniors and Seniors.

Study of the history of psychology from ancient Greek times to the present, with stress on the 19th and 20th centuries. A good GRE preparation.

PSYC 3701
Research in Social Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 3242

An investigation of a selected topic that includes readings, empirical work, and an APA style research project report.. The goal is to produce a publishable article.

PSYC 3703
Research in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 3620

Students will become involved in applied and/or basic research on various industrial/organizational topics including team processes, employee satisfactions, motivation and communication. Students will be expected to participate in research design, data collection and interpretation.

PSYC 3716
Research in Cognitive Psychology

Prerequisites: PSYC 3242. Permission of instructor required.

This course is aimed at providing students with experience in conducting laboratory experiments in cognitive psychology. Students are responsible for collecting, organizing data, and using statistical software to do minimal analyses.

PSYC 3754
Research on Aging

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor required.

Students conduct guided research on various phenomena associated with the aging process.

PSYC 3890
Educational Psychology Field Placement

Prerequisites: An Educational Psychology course that did not include a field placement. Permission of the instructor required.

This course is for students who completed Educational Psychology at another institution and did not do a field placement in that course. Forty hours of fieldwork in an Atlantic County public school. The placement will be arranged by the Office of Teacher Education.

PSYC 3900
Field Placement in Psychology

Prerequisites: Open to Juniors and Seniors. Permission of the instructor required.

Students spend at least 120 hours at a local agency, hospital, school, or other institution. A listing of sites is available on the program’s webpage. Requires related readings and meetings with the faculty sponsor. Positions are arranged with the consultation and approval of the faculty sponsor.