Mark E. Berg
Ph.D. (University of Canterbury) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Perceptual category learning, experimental analysis of behavior, history of psychology, motivation, industrial/ organizational psychology.
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John Bulevich
Ph.D (Washington University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Memory Distortion, Eyewitness Testimony, Metacognition, Retrieval Processes, Aging.

BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5265273627547682306David C. Burdick
Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame) - Professor of Psychology
Adult development and aging, technology and aging, intergenerational relationships, applied gerontology, mental health and aging.

Christine Ferri
Ph.D. (Duke University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Geropsychology, abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, positive psychology, statistical methods.

Jessica Fleck
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Brain, behavior and cognition, problem-solving, working memory, creativity, statistics, research methods.

Rob Foels
Ph.D. (Syracuse University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social Psychology, Prejudice and Discrimination, Social Cognition, Ideologies,
Gender, Social Identity.

Michael L. Frank
Ph.D. (State University of New York at Albany) - Professor of Psychology
Statistics, mathematical models, motivation, research methods, gambling and risk taking behavior.

Christine A. Gayda
Ph.D. (Drexel University), Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology:  health psychology, clinical neuropsychology, traumatic brain injury, dementia, caregiver burden.

Sonia V. Gonsalves
Ph.D.(Temple University) - Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute of Faculty Development
Educational psychology, statistics, research methods, psychological and educational testing, experimental psychology, adolescence, learning.

Cheryl R. Kaus
Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University) - Professor of Psychology and Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Successful aging, gerontological education, program development and evaluation.

David Lester
Ph.D. (Brandeis University), Ph.D. (Cambridge U.) - Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Abnormal psychology, personality, psychological testing, theories of counseling.
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Jennifer A. Lyke
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Counseling psychology, research methods, abnormal psychology, eating disorders, states of consciousness.

Sara Martino
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Counseling psychology, illness-related stress disorders, female aggression, gender group identity, psychology of women, marriage and family therapy.

William M. Miley
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Professor of Psychology (Emeritus)
Health psychology, mind/body interactions, abnormal psychology.

Justin Ostrofsky
Ph.D (The Graduate Center of the City University of New York) – Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Perception, attention and memory-based processes supporting the ability to realistically draw objects from observation, statistics, research methods and cognitive psychology. Site Link

Israel Posner
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Learning and motivation, industrial/organizational psychology.

Elizabeth Shobe
Ph.D. (University of Toledo) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Cognition, learning theories, experimental psychology, statistical methods, evolution and behavior.

Marcello Spinella
Ph.D. (City University of New York) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Physiological psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychometrics, psychopharmacology, herbal medicines, executive functions, addiction, aging and mental health. Site Link

Connie Tang
Ph.D. (University of Wyoming) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Child and adolescent development, social cognition, psychology and the law, culture and cognition, research methods.

Keith B. Williams
Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Educational psychology, social psychology, educational testing and measurement, individual differences.

John H. White
Ph.D. (North Texas State University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Sex crimes, violent crimes, police psychology, forensic psychology, criminal profiling.

Jean Mercer
Ph.D. (Brandeis University) - Professor Emerita of Psychology
Developmental psychology, early childhood, infancy, perception, history and systems.