Any Psychology faculty or student conducting a study in a Psychology course for which they are currently enrolled may post a study. To set up an account as faculty Researcher please send your request along with your name, phone number, and e-mail address to The administrator will set up your account and you will receive confirmation with your username and password for log-in. Once you have received your confirmation, log in at To set up an account as student Researcher, students must have prior approval of their study by their instructor sent to or mailed to Dr. Elizabeth Shobe in the division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, H210. The request for a student researcher account must include the name of the student researchers, title of their study, location of study if other than Psychology lab, phone numbers, and e-mail accounts. Alternatively, student researchers do not need faculty approval if they send a copy of their IRB approval form to Dr. Elizabeth Shobe. Student researcher accounts will be maintained for the duration of one semester, unless otherwise requested.
When setting up a study, please use the ABSTRACT section to indicate the major area of your study (e.g., Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Clinical, Physiological, or OTHER if you do not want this information displayed for viewing). Use the DETAILED DESCRIPTION section to provide information about the study to participants. All posted studies must be in compliance with APA/HIPAA ethical guidelines as approved by the Internal Review Board (if faculty or student enrolled in an independent study) or a Psychology instructor (if student researcher in the context of a course).Copies of the application for approval by the IRB can be found at:
Acceptable locations for psychological research using this system are any of the Psychology laboratories (B-006,B-007a, B-007b), the Psychology microcomputer lab in B-007c (faculty only may reserve), classrooms (contact Jean Canavan, ext. 4655), or other public areas on the main campus (contact Jean Canavan, ext. 4655). Faculty only may list locations in residential areas (including the RLC) on campus or any location off campus. Note that if someone else has scheduled the Psychology laboratories at the time of your request, your request cannot be met.
If you are faculty (full-time or otherwise) and you wish to offer extra credit to your students for participation in Psychology research, please send your name, e-mail, and courses that you teach to You will then receive a username and password that enables you to log in at and view students who have participated so that you can grant credit accordingly.